What size Bed Safe's do you offer?

Currently we stock the following 3 sizes, which should cater to the majority of people.
Single Long Bed Safe – used in conjunction with a Single Long mattress, sometimes referred to as a Single XL mattress.
Queen Bed Safe – used in conjunction with an Australian size Queen mattress.
King Bed Safe – used in conjunction with an Australian size King mattress.
At this point in time we don’t manufacture King Single or Double Bed size Bed Safe’s.

Where do you deliver?

We are based in Brisbane, QLD – Australia.

Due to the large bulky nature of the product, we’re currently only accepting orders in the eastern mainland states of Australia. We are available to deliver within QLD, NSW, VIC & ACT. We may increase this delivery area in future. Please see re-seller opportunities at the bottom of this page.

Can I view the product before purchasing online?

Yes – if you live in Brisbane (or can visit Brisbane) we encourage a viewing prior to purchase. We do not provide refunds/exchanges due to ‘change of mind’ etc, so we want everyone to be happy with their purchase from the beginning. To arrange an inspection, please contact:  sales@bedsafe.com.au  and leave your phone number so that we can be in touch.

How strong is the Bed Safe?

We use quality materials for our products. The walls & floor are made of 3mm steel. The top layer of the door is also 3mm thick, but due to the recessed nature & locking mechanism behind the door, there is further reinforcement of steel within the door. This creates a very strong unit. Upon turning the stainless steel handle, there are 4 steel locking pins which secure the door. No steel safe is impenetrable- but having a strong steel unit hidden under a mattress is a good start.

What locks do you use & are they good quality?

We use some of the best locks in the industry. The S&G mechanical combination lock is manufactured in the U.S.A and is considered top of the range. The digital keypad Securam lock is also designed in the U.S.A.

Can you store weapons in the Bed Safe?

The short answer is yes, however it is up to the customer to comply with any rules or regulations in their particular state. With that being said, the Bed Safe has strong 3mm steel walls, which complies with the different state requirements for Category A&B firearms. Some states require the hinges to be concealed- The Bed safe also complies in this manner. Some states advise that; should the safe weigh less than 150kg (when empty) it must be securely fixed to the framework of the premises. Because every one of our assembled Bed Safe range weighs more than 150kg this should also not be an issue. Should you wish to attach/bolt the Bed Safe to a building floor or wall, this is easily achieved by purchasing some anchor bolts from your local hardware store. The optional gun racks are available in our online store.

Is the Bed Safe fireproof?

The Bed Safe will offer some fire protection, merely from its solid steel 3mm walls. However, there is no inner fireproof layer inside the Bed Safe. If you are storing cash or other items that burn easily, we would suggest putting them inside a fireproof case before placing them within the Bed Safe. We do not take any responsibility for burnt, stolen or damaged items.

Do you stock mattresses and/or bedheads?

We are happy to suggest retailers who can supply these items, but generally we do not stock them.
When you purchase a Bed Safe off our website it obviously doesn’t include a bedhead or mattress.
If you are wanting to utilize a bedhead with one of our Bed Safe’s, we recommend purchasing a free-standing bedhead, which requires no bolting.

Can the Bed Safe be installed on any surface?

We recommend installing it on a flat surface, preferably on ground level – concrete support would be best. The majority of floors will handle the safe’s weight, however if you wanted to install it on an upper level timber floor for example, issues could potentially arise if you fill the safe with very heavy items such as precious metals. If you are unsure if your floor can handle the safe, it would be best to consult with an engineer.

Does the Bed Safe require feet?

No, it doesn’t. This is personal preference. We recommend having a nice flat surface to put it on, however the inventor actually prefers installing the Bed Safe without feet. By not using feet, the weight is more evenly spread out over the floor area rather than focusing the load through the feet. Should you wish to anchor the safe to the floor, it would also be easier doing this without feet.

How many compartments are there in the Bed Safe?

Due to there being (oval shaped) openings in the side walls of the Bed Safe modules, generally speaking there is just one large compartment.

What if I really want to hide my Bed Safe?

This is great thinking. Hiding your safe well is the first step towards security. If a robber can’t find it, they can’t steal it.
In our online shop we offer an optional Valance/Bed Skirt which helps to hide the Bed Safe even further.

I own a physical shop or website. Can I become a re-seller?

We are looking to increase our delivery area, so yes we are keen to speak to quality re-sellers. To become a re-seller you would need to buy the product in bulk, a minimum quantity of 5x Bed Safe’s to begin with. We aim to keep our re-sellers happy, so only plan on having a couple of re-sellers per state. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact:  sales@bedsafe.com.au

What if I have further questions?

Please contact us at: sales@bedsafe.com.au